Renting your gear in Breckenridge

Whether you’re staying in our condo or not, we always recommend Lonestar Sports as the place to rent (or buy) your snowboarding or skiing gear. From our condo, it’s easily accessible at the base of 4 O’Clock Road. It’s an easy walk but they also have plenty of parking.

If your staying somewhere else, I still recommend Lonestar Sports for a few reasons.

First – there is plenty of parking. If you know Breck very well, you know that parking can be a little difficult to find. This shop is on Park Avenue, which means they aren’t on Main Street and have the opportunity to provide¬†parking.

Second – they are part of the Christy Sports so if you need help while you’re on any of the mountains, you can find a Christy Sports location to help you.

Third – they are not located at the base of the mountain. This may seem counter-intuitive, but believe me, the base of the mountain gets so much traffic that it’s hard to get really focused attention by the person helping you at the rental shop. You can really see the worst of people when they are trying to jockey for position in the rental line at one of these shops. Staying away from the most congested shop really helps you avoid this.

Fourth – ¬†as the name implies, they really did used to be owned by Texans. Now that they’ve been sold to Christy Sports, they retained their staff and the charm of their shop.

Fifth – this is the most subjective, but, we’ve always had great service when we go there. We’ve gone there in the summer for help with our bikes and in the winter for tuning our boards and always been pleased with the service and found their staff to be friendly and helpful.

Check out their website before you go and save 20% on your reservation by scheduling it the day before.

There is one other consideration to keep in mind. If your child is going to go to ski/snowboard school at Breck, they offer discounts on the equipment rental for the day of the class. If it’s your first day on the mountain, it might be easier to rent the equipment as part of your school enrollment and then rent the equipment from Lonestar for the rest of your stay in Breckenridge.

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