Snowflake Vista

Welcome to our Breckenridge, CO, condo.

Breckenridge is a great Colorado mountain town with great views of local mountains. We might be a little biased, but we think we have the best views in town. This is why we call our condo Snowflake Vista. From our living room and porch, we overlook the Snowflake ski lift and have sweeping views of Bald Mountain. This site gives our insight into the town and on vacationing here.

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You also should check out the current conditions on one of the webcams in Breckenridge.

Visiting our condo…

So you’re visiting or staying in our condo. Whether you’re staying with us (or perhaps another owner) or your renting the unit, here are somethings to know. Should you take a shuttle or rent a car? Check out this post for more information and our thoughts on the matter. Getting here… OK, so you’re driving. Do … More

First Things First…

We bought this condo to make traveling to Breckenridge, CO easier. Here is some background on how we came to own a condo in Breck. … More

Sunset in Breckenridge, CO.

Our extremely biased summary of traveling to Breck

Over the years we have frequently been asked by people who want to go to Breckenridge, CO. about traveling there and staying there. We plan on using this blog to go into more details as we have time. However, this is our executive summary to get started and is literally a cut-and-paste from emails we’ve sent to friends over the years. … More