Winter is coming, and it’s about time!

We’ve been up at our condo in Breckenridge, CO, for a week now, and it’s finally snowing!

We come up to Breck after the October tax deadline, so we’ve seen it change from autumn to winter weather many times. Well, winter from a Texan’s perspective. This year is the latest that I remember getting a good snow storm. That all ended today!

Our condo is across from the Snowflake Lift and we can walk up the 4 O’Clock Run To Timbertrail Road, then cut through the little trail that runs between Timbertrail Rd and 4 O’Clock Run Road to the base of 8. The walk is about a mile and it’s totally worth it.

We went up there yesterday and took a look around. I was surprised at how little snow there was. We could tell there was a little snow leftover from the resort making snow around the Rips Ride lift on Trygve’s Run. But overall, there was basically no snow. Here’s a little video that I took while we were walking around.

Well, it all changed overnight! We woke up to a winter wonderland. It’s a thick, wet snow, but at least it’s snow and it look beautiful.

I know it’s still warm and this snow will mostly melt over the next couple of days, but hopefully it will stick up on the mountain. At least for us, we’re enjoying watching college football with the snow coming down in the background.

I’ll update you as we see how this weather system advances. If you’d like to get automatic updates, subscribe below: