Lots of snow falling in Breck! December 7, 2016 update

We’ve had a couple big snow storms come through and the mountain is looking great. This is a big change from just a few days ago. Breckenridge is finally getting the snow it needs to have a good base. We’re still waiting for the resort to open more of the mountain, but, there’s still enough open to enjoy the day on the mountain and find fresh snow. We are eager for them to open the lower part of 4 O’Clock so we can ride our boards back to the condo. Right now, you can take the Snowflake Lift up the mountain but you can’t ski back to the condo. In this case you can easily ride to the base of 8, take the gondola down to the parking lot and then take a bus back or a bus from the base of 9.

Here’s a picture from this morning of my RTIC 20 oz tumbler, which is about 7 inches high.


This picture was taken on the rail in front of the condo. I didn’t think to take a picture of the car before we started brushing away the snow, but it was completely covered.

We have our niece with us this week and she wasn’t really excited about getting out in the powder and the extreme cold, since the high was only going to be 8° F. We went to the City Market to get ingredients for a slow-cooker stew and then we’ve been staying in the condo watching the snow and wind while we work, nap, watch TV and cook. Our niece is new to snowboarding so she really didn’t want to struggle with the 7 inches of powder today.  Tomorrow we’ll be ready to go on the slopes bright and early! I’m confident they’ll still be fresh powder to be found but she’ll have some groomed runs to practice on, too.