Driving to our condo . . .

Getting here is very simple. I’m assuming you are coming from Denver International Airport. If you’re coming via shuttle, then just give them the address and let them do the work. Sit back and relax for a couple of hours and enjoy the scenery.

Our street address is 865 4 O’Clock Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424. Our unit is E4. Enter the second door, then it’s the second door. Don’t worry, it’s all labeled and easy to find.

If you’re diving, your first step is to get your luggage and find your rental agency. Most of the agencies let you make your reservation online and then you don’t need to stop at their kiosk in the airport. Double check this with your rental agency. After you get your bags, most (if not all) agencies will have you go out to passenger pickup and find their sign marking their designated location. Most of the agencies continuously circle and will come by within about 5 or 10. It’s a covered area and, if you’re dressed appropriately, you won’t get too cold.

So, get your car and take Pena Blvd. towards I-70. Go west on I-70 towards Denver. You’ll drive on the north side of downtown Denver and then start passing the suburbs. A little way past downtown, I-70 will start to turn towards the south.

If you’re going to stop for provisions, look for the Youngfield exit. It’s about 30 minutes away from the airport. Get off the freeway and make a u-turn under the freeway. You’re looking for 2 stores: Applejack Wine and Spirits and King Soopers.

Applejack’s has the best selection of beer, wine and spirits between the airport and Breckenridge. We always try to stop here on the way. If you have a late flight, beware they close at 10 pm during the week (Mon – Thurs), 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 7 pm on Sundays. Make sure you pick up your beer here because beer purchased in the grocery store has lower alcohol content. (This is supposed to change but I’m not sure when).

King Soopers is a great grocery store to pick up all your food items. Also, check their service desk because they usually have good deals on lift tickets for all the local mountains, including Breckenridge, Keystone and A-Basin. King Soopers is part of the Kroger family of stores so you can use your Kroger affiliated shopping card here. This will get you discounts on in-store purchases. The main grocery store in Breckenridge is a City Market, which is also part of the Kroger family so, if you don’t have e Kroger card, go ahead and get one and you can use it in both stores.

Getting back on the freeway can be a little confusing from here. If you’re standing with your back to the store, your exit is on the left side, which is 32nd Avenue. You’ll pass Chipotle Mexican Grill and Noodles and Company. When you get to 32nd Ave, turn right to go back towards I-70. Go under the freeway and turn left to get onto I-70.

Take I-70 west, all the to Exit 203, which is not far past Silverthorne. In total, it’s about 60 miles or 1 hour. This is the Frisco exit and you’ll see signs for Breckenridge Ski Area. While you’re driving, there are great sights to see, including a lake near Georgetown that has ice fishing and cars driving on it during the winter. You’ll also go through the big tunnel that goes under the continental divide. Be prepared, the weather can be completely different once you come out of the tunnel. Don’t be surprised to see people hitting their brakes as they exit and that the road becomes a little snow packed.

Exit 203 comes off I-70 to a circle at the top of a hill, go around 3/4 of the way and then cross the freeway. This takes you onto CO-9 and you’re about 20 minutes away. Follow CO-9 though Frisco and then along the winding road until you get to Breckenridge. Watch out along your way, sometimes the right lane turns into a turn only lane so just keep your eyes out.

When you get to the traffic circle for Park Avenue, take the circle to the right and follow Park Avenue. You’ll pass the Gondola and then come to a traffic light. Go through the light then start looking on the right for 4 O’Clock Road. Before you get to our street, you’ll see Lone Star Sports on the left and on the right is a wooden bus stop. You’ll turn right just past there onto 4 O’Clock Road. Go up 4 O’Clock Road and you’ll see the Snowflake lift on the left and then the road will make a sharp S-Curve up the hill. We’re the first driveway on the left past the S-Curve. If you’re coming to visit us, we’ll probably be watching for you from the balcony.